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Windows 32bit or 64bit?

I have AMD Phenom X4 64bit processor and came with windows 7 64bit. I have reinstalled to windows 7 32bit as most of my hardware had only 32bit drivers.

I thought 32bit OS on 64bit machine will have the same power as 64bit OS and I didn’t feel any difference between those both OS on same machine. The only difference between those both versions are that 64 bit OS was able to use all my 4GB ram where 32bit only 3

When I open my taskbar it shows 3.5GB memory is available I wonder how it could be. it just because 3 GB is from OS and 500mb is standard page mapping memory.

What about the performance? as I already said, there aren’t much difference between 32bit and 64bit OS for normal applications.

Software such as calculations and video editing or applications which specially made for 64bit will work faster.

Reason 64bit processor handles more memory address and capable finish calculations more efficiently.

In conclusion 64bit OS handles more memory address and capable of calculate efficiently where 32bit has the same effect but limited to 3GB RAM which reflects on its performance.

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