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PC freezes after couple of minutes / hours. Have to restart

I have many cousins age rage from 5 to 12 who really interested in breaking my computer when they visit me Winking smile). My computer is always switched on as I use my pc also from my office.

I wanted to get ride of these kids and bough another normal computer and told them to use it rather than my main desktop. Suddenly the new computer (I assembled from my old hardware) started to freeze.
Mouse cannot be moved, nothing can be done except power off or hard reset.

I thought it could be on the HDD which I had for 3 years. Replaced the HDD but nothing changed. Computer works for couple of hours than suddenly freezes. This time I though maybe faulty RAM causes this. Changed the RAM and It was working for couple of days than after same thing. Freezes again..

Could it be my main board?

Now even changed my Mainboard and same xxxx again.. I was really pissed of I as almost changed everything and still I could not figure out what causing the freeze.

I almost gave up as I didn’t have much time to work on it. I work from 9 to 6 than University than other projects so I gave up with it. One Saturday I wanted to fix it and switched the computer on but I had a call so I left the pc and attended the call.

Suddenly I smelled something is burning.

zZZ ZZZ ZzzzzZZZZZZZ surely it came from the assembled computer. I quickly removed the power cable and opened the tower case and seen inside if anything was burning. I couldn’t see anything clearly but I could smell the burn it came from my "power supply". I thought for one second "I have changed almost everything but the power supply" now time to change it.

I had 300W power supply this time I bought a 450W and fixed it.

Now the computer is working perfectly without freezing.

What was the problem?
The computer had low power supply 2 DVD-RW, 2HDD, CPU fan, CASE FAN, NEON Lights. All those stuffs needed more than 300W power. By the time the pc didn’t have further power the PC froze. Probably CPU fan didn’t get power to cool the processor which caused high CPU temperature and standard CPU safety instruction let the processor to freeze rather than exploding.

Only power supply causing this problem?
Nope in my case the Power-supply triggered the freeze. In most cases Power-supply causing this kind of problem. There are also other things that causes same freezing.

Faulty RAM or Mainboard also causes this problem. Most likely power supply and mainboards are invisible in this subject as they don’t give any warning.

If ram is faulty usually BIOS gives you different patterns of beep tone where you can identify if any of your PC components is faulty.

After changing my power supply fixed the problem..

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WordPress Tags: computer,office,kids,bough,Mouse,Could,Mainboard,ZzzzzZZZZZZZ,cable,CASE,NEON,Lights,processor,temperature,instruction,Nope,Power,cases,Most,subject,BIOS,components,hours,didn

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