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MS Access VBA, JSON Import and JSON Export

August 1, 2018 2 comments

Recently stumbled upon a task where JSON string was passed between two systems. While giving a solution for that, I also adapted JSON Import and Export for Ms Access.




Somewhere similar to Application.ImportXML, it is now possible to create a table from JSON string.  The importXML function allows:

acAppendData => adds new records to the table

acStructureAndData => Creates table and adds data

acStructureOnly => Just creates the table definition.


If you are not familiar with my previous vba_tools post, please do have a look at the post and download the sample Access project where you will find many interesting code including this magic one.


To import JSON string using the vba_tools.dll call following code:

gdll.ImportJson(JsonArrayAsString, “TargetTableName",acStructureAndData, recreate:=true)


I have only tested with JSON arrays and an actual array will look like this. (sample taken from online)

gdll.ImportJson("[{""id"":10,""name"":""User"",""add"":false,""edit"":true,""authorize"":true,""view"":true},    {""id"":11,""name"":""Group"",""add"":true,""edit"":false,""authorize"":false,""view"":true},    {""id"":12,""name"":""Permission"",""add"":true,""edit"":true,""authorize"":true,""view"":true}]","tblJsonTest",acStructureAndData,True)


After executing this code I can see a new table in the navigation pane. (F5 if you can’t see it)



table contents:






When we say export, we usually mean to export the content out of the host application. By that, either saving locally or sending/pushing to a different application. ExportToJSon can be used to export json into a file as well as it returns the json string as result. So it can be used to “convert table content to json” too.

In addition, unlike Access traditional export methods, ExportToJson takes an SQL command which can be exported to a file.



gdll.ExportToJSON("select * from tbljsontest where authorize = true;","MyJson.Txt",overwrite:=false,isRawSql:=true)

above code executes the SQL SELECT command and saves the result set as JSON formatted string.



gdll.ExportToJSON("tbljsontest ",SaveAs:= "MyJson.Txt",overwrite:=false,isRawSql:=false)

In this method, we have passed a table name/query name to the export function and set isRawSql = false. The export function will then generate SQL statement similar to “SELECT * FROM givenTableName/QueryName;” and perform the JSON Export.


If the SaveAs is empty, no file will be exported but the conversion will still happen and converted string will be returned as result.

results in immediate window.



Saved file content.



that’s all for now. Have a look at my GitHub Project for latest updates and codes. Enjoy coding Smile


Custom InputBox for VBA, MS Access, Excel

May 13, 2018 Leave a comment

Since the modern dialog box, we’ve thought why not make modern InputBox? Oh, this time there are tones of examples on the web about custom InputBox for VBA. So what’s the point?

Well the convenience is you have a component collection and you can have variety of components in one place. besides, most custom inputboxes on the internet look cool but to be true modal, they will secretly use a infinite loop with DoEvents in the background. Tbh, they only look cool. Functionally same old inputbox.

We need a cool inbox. Functionally and graphically somewhat advanced than the others. What do we mean by functionally advanced? The default InputBox does not perform any validations. Any user entry is returned as string. Which means, you have to let the user enter the incorrect [type of] value before checking whether the value is allowed or not. This was default in 19xx but we are in 2018. User should only be allowed to enter correct types of values. i.e. only be able to enter numbers when asked for numbers, or only valid emails when asked for emails and so on.

Here is a screenshot which asks for a text. (multi line)


When a multiline inputbox is requested, the size of the input box automatically increases.


obviously we should be able to change the theme colour. like below. Only a valid date can be entered. if Email is requested, a valid email is required before closing. etc. etc.

Modern Inputbox for vba purple


if password is requested, a masked field is shown, if shortdate is requested,

Modern Input box for VBA


Check my GitHub and download the sample ACCDB or EXCEL and see how you can copy this function to your project.

If you already have the vba_tools.dll linked in your project. below code will make it work for you.

Private Sub Command78_Click()
‘    Public Enum InputBoxType
‘    {
‘        Password        = 1,
‘        Text            = 2,
‘        MultilineText   = 32,
‘        Number          = 4,
‘        ShortDate       = 8,
‘        LongDate        = 16,
‘        DateTime        = 48,
‘        Email           = 96,

‘    }
    gDll.Toast "you’ve entered: " & gDll.DLL.showinputbox(Type:=2, Title:="", Message:="You can change my text and colour", ThemeBg:="#aa66cc", ThemeForeColour:="")
End Sub

or simply

result = gDll.DLL.showinputbox(Type:=2)

As mentioned, check out my GitHub and share your thoughts in the comment box.

Cool modern DialogBox for MS Access / VBA applications.

May 7, 2018 4 comments

Hello there, again it’s about VBA and dll Smile


This idea just popped out after someone asked a question regarding my previous non-blocking notification. This time why not use a blocking notification?. Or do we say a dialog box?

So what’s special? Well, standard message boxes are great but sometimes you want little more than “just plain” standard. I.e

  • Be able to have some colours
  • Be able to have more than 3 buttons “i guess i always wanted this”
  • Be able auto-close
  • Be able to use HTML tags
  • not stressing your vba app with a loop?

Meet the new simplified DialogBox for VBA users. This dialogbox will allow above listed features and should help you to keep your application colourful. 🙂 This feature is still under development and could some feedback from testers.

check out my Github for samples. There is a sample ACCDB file with some custom class and a vba wrapper around the DLL.  Let me know what you think.

some screenshots


Modern DialogBox Red


Modern DialogBox Green

Download the free dll from my GitHub page. A beautiful dialogbox can be created with simple as this code.

'usign the wrapper it would be as simple as 
  Debug.Print gDll.DialogRich("This is a title", "Some content", (vbExclamation + vbYesNo))

Non-blocking notifications/ Toaster Popups for Microsoft Access (VBA)

August 26, 2016 9 comments

Hello there!! Yes! Been another long time from my last post. Absolutely wonderful how much support, contacts, messages, critics & love I get. Thank you all and you guys are amazing. Smile SmileDue to the nature of my profession, I don’t quite get time to keep up with my blogs now. But I try to get some time for new posts. Like right now I’m writing this blog while crossing the English Channel. Yes off to Paris for a weekend.. Smile Smile

I thought this is worth sharing as there are plenty of developers still working on MS Access who wants some nice UI functions. So here it is!.

Billy, –my new online friend- who works on a Microsoft Access project, asked (wished himself) if there is a way to replicate “Toastr” pop-ups for Microsoft Access (VBA).

Similar to Toastr, popups should allow customisation. Such as the position, animation, background color, dragable, transparency etc.

Mainly to show non-blocking messages. Something that user should know but not necessarily need to interact with it.

To achieve this in VBA, a borderless form and few windows APIs can be used.

1. An API to place the form where we want (ideally somewhere near to where the user is focusing. In case of multiple screens)

2. To make the form transparent

3. Fade in/out (some animation) to mimic toasting effect.

4. Dragable. In case if the toast is blocking users view and user wants to move it somewhere.


The end result will look somewhat like this. (Written in pure VBA using some APIs)


Billy was happy but NOT “happy happy” with this result. Since MS office is single threaded, fading-in, fading-out or any loop operation will eat the entire applications processing cycle. Billy didn’t like the fact that his application was waiting when showing multiple toasts.(VBA really struggled when 10 or more toasts were cooked simultaneously. (Don’t ask me why on earth he wanted to show 10 toasts at a time)

In essence, this was not a “non-blocking” notifications.

He said,

No wonder, why I couldn’t find anything similar online. It’s not worth doing in VBA because of the single thread limitation”

Oh well! no one done it yet? sounds like a challenge to me! Smile

I thought, what if you could

Write your own .NET DLL?

Surely this should save (single threaded) host application’s processing cycle?

A quick search on the internet gave me various results how to access .NET DLLs from VBA. one in particular(1,2) was very interesting. Which wraps C# DLLs in a way that VBA could read it. I quickly followed Robert Giesecke template and re-wrote the VBA toasting script within C# class.

Here comes the technical part:

You can consume .dlls in VBA in two different way. Either the .dll is already available in GAC (com visible / registered .Dlls) or load the .dll dynamically.

I didn’t like the fact that your .dll have to be registered. Clients might or might not want to install/register a .dll. So, I went with loading dynamically option.

To load a .dll dynamically in VBA, you need to prepare something.

1.Register/Declare the Windows API calls to load & unload DLLs

2.Wrap all your dll functions within a class and pass it to the caller as object.


Loading and unloading would be: (add ptrSafe accordingly)

Private Declare Function FreeLibrary Lib “kernel32” (ByVal hLibModule As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function LoadLibrary Lib “kernel32” Alias “LoadLibraryA” (ByVal lpLibFileName As String) As Long


I have wrapped all our functions within a class (KRISH_VBA_TOOLS). We also need to register this class within VBA so we could consume it like any other classes.

I put the .dll in my app folder hence I don’t need the absolute path name.


Public Declare PtrSafe Function KRISH_VBA_TOOLS Lib “VBA_TOOLS.dll” () As Object


Public Declare Function KRISH_VBA_TOOLS Lib “VBA_TOOLS.dll” () As Object

#END if

NOTE: MS ACCESS VBA will expect you to provide absolute path for any .dlls that you load. In our case, we are going to load the .dll manually and leave the abstract declaration pretending that we provided the dll path. (I needed this way because I use option Explicit in module level)

Loading the vba_tools.dll and toasting some notifications would be.

Public Function FN_TOAST_DLL(iMessage As String, Optional iCLOSE_DURATION As Long = 3000, Optional iType As String = “success”, Optional iANIME_DURATION As Long = 1000, Optional iFONT_COLOR As String = “#FFFFFF”, Optional iX As Long = 0, Optional iY As Long = 0, Optional iANIME_DIRECTION As Integer = 1, Optional iPARENT_HWND As Long = 0)


If gTOASTER Is Nothing Then
LoadLibrary (FN_APP_GET_BASE_PATH & “CCMSDLL.dll”)
End If

On Error GoTo 0
Exit Function


Select Case iType
Case “error”
iType = “#F76160”
Case “success”
iType = “#26ad82”
Case Else
iType = “#26ad82”
End Select

Dim mRect As RECT
If iPARENT_HWND <= 0 Then
If iX = 0 And iY = 0 Then
GetWindowRect Application.hWndAccessApp, mRect

End If
GetWindowRect iPARENT_HWND, mRect
End If

‘set up the position
iX = mRect.Left + 360
iY = mRect.Top + 1

On Error Resume Next

End Function

Read more…

Tamil Unicode Font for Android – Working

July 30, 2011 163 comments

Again couple of months are gone since I wrote my last article. I think it’s time to write another article about the hot topic “Tamil fonts in Android OS”. I’m Android user since two years and I never thought to access Tamil websites or any Tamil content through my smartphone. Since Tamil Unicode is not implemented in Android I also wasn’t that much interested in digging OS for Tamil fonts.

One of my friends has IPhone and we had an argument which of the OS is best for current user. My argument was “it depends of the needs”. Android is open source and allows exploring more in your own way where IPhone OS (IOS) is exclusive to the users. Users are limited to certain functions.

Anyway we leave the topic which of the Operating system is best; ) my friend said IPhone can read Unicode fonts where Android does not include all Unicode letters. I didn’t want to let my Samsung Galaxy s2 go down in comparison with his IPhone and I challenged him to make my phone able to read Tamil Unicode fonts. So it started with my research about Tamil Unicode Fonts.

Tamil is a south Indian language, more than 2000 years old and derived from Sanskrit Language. It contains (12 * 18) + (12 + 16) = 246 letters

Tamil is a “classic“ south Indian language, more than 2000 years old  (I’m not very sure). It contains (12*18) + (12+18) + 1 = 247 letters.

 (PS: sorry for the lack of Tamil history knowledge )

(Some of Indian Language has more than 1000 chars :S:S:S:S:SJ)

I have searched in Google about Tamil fonts in Android and found millions of people are waiting for the Tamil Unicode implementation in Android. I definitely want to do something to be able to read Tamil on my phone. Not only because of my friends argument against Android also because of so many people who are interested in having Tamil Unicode fonts in their Android devices.

After couple of research it was clear to me the Android phone has to be rooted to alter system wide files such as fonts and layouts. There are some methods in Opera Browser to activate bitmap fonts which is claimed to be able to read Unicode Tamil fonts.

I didn’t want to go for that option because the solution is just to read a website and Tamil fonts cannot be accessed system wide. So I came to a conclusion to write a font which includes Tamil Unicode.

Here are some advantages of system font:

  • This method would be perfect for any of the users who want to develop Application in Tamil without using graphic letters.
  • No need to install specific browsers Tamil Unicode is visible in any browser
  • Tamil Unicode is visible system wide (write message, email, applications, website)


  • Phone has to be rooted in order to alter system font
  • Everyone should have it in order to render.

Everything in my plan seemed fine and I initiated the project writing Unicode Tamil Font for Android. Half a way through I have checked the Android market for any Tamil related application and found some Tamil keyboards which claimed to make it easy to write in Tamil.

I was wondering how to implement 246 letters into Android Keyboard where we already struggling for space for 26 English letters; )))

Obviously we don’t need to have 246 letters because some of the letters could be created by combining two alphabets. But still the letters are too much to place in the Keyboard. Furthermore we all are accustomed to write in English Keyboards.

The Taminglish, art of writing Tamil using English letters has overtaken almost a full generation and nowadays it is common that young generation using Taminglish for their Tamil needs.

Another idea has joined, developing a Taminglish Keyboard for Android which makes writing Tamil much easier than other options.

In year 2007 (can’t remember) I have created a Script for MSN Messenger users who want to write Tamil Unicode in MSN Messenger. It was just a try and I didn’t have time to give further updates. Soon after launching the Script nearly 10 000 users have downloaded the script and I was happy to have such amount of fans.

Reference: and search for Tamil converter Script. or

I though why don’t you give a system font along with Taminglish Keyboard which will instantly make it easier to learn and write Tamil.

It’s been a week now since I have started the project. Today morning at 04:00 AM I finished the basic functions and tested the result. Now I’m able to read any Tamil Unicode website through any browser and I’m also able to send SMS/Text in Tamil.

Here are the solutions:



The Keyboard has not been correctly aligned, it is still under development. Keyboard functions are as usual with additional key [Cnv] which converts Taminglish into Tamil Unicode letters.

For example: “ammaa” will be converted into அம்மா.

I will be happy to have beta users to test the keyboard and font before I launch to the Android market.

I also would like to get support/comments/suggestions/Donations to establish my project. Smile

Krish KM


02-08-2011 18:36:45

Thank you all for your support and encourage I feel so much encouraged now. And BTW I’m sorry for lack of Tamil history knowledge ; ) I have learned much new things through this project.


Currently I’m working on Bold fonts. As you can see the screenshot “Tamilwin” website does not shows any bold fonts on my mobile (maybe some of you already started to moaning “we don’t even have regular font, why you complain about bold” ; ))

Here the current progress:


  1. Font alteration : Done,
  2. Full Unicode rendering : Done,
  3. Implementing full Tamil letters: Done
  4. Implementing Bold letters : Partly –done

Taminglish Keyboard

  1. Taminglish Keyboard –Layout : Done,
  2. Taminglish Keyboard –Conversion : Partly done (has some minor bugs)


  1. Keyboard installer : Done
  2. Tamil Font installer : Partly done {Still having issues to mount the system in RW mode}


Overall I’m thinking to merge those two applications into one and hope will finish soon..

I’ll let you know guys.


krish km


03-08-2011 01:36:04

Bold font implementation complete…









Tamil Unicode font:

Taminglish keyboard converter:



Donated version available

Official page


if you can’t see on the market
search as
pub:”krish km” will show all Tamil Unicode apps

PS: the application might not response well please hit the button more than once, it will work, it is due to my bad coding to get superuser permission for the whole session.

Donated Version Note:
The partly rendering issue was already known  to me. The intention of beta version was to make sure that implementing Unicode chars is working in first place. I purposely didn’t let the script to decode all chars as I thought it might overweight the standard chars. And I didn’t want any one break their devices.

The donated version will alter the standard font and and implement all Tamil Unicode chars.

from your reply for the beta version. I’m sure your device is fully compatible for the donated version. let your self surprise.

krish km


———————————-Release comment

. .


Hii thank for the all comments, I’m sorry for the rendering issue,
as I said I was more concentrating not to break the phone it means the “NOT FULLY RENDERING” was already known to me while working with the font.

the intention of beta release is to test on all your phones, that Tamil Unicode is working partly or fully as I wanted letters are there as I wanted, letters are broken as I wanted,
and I have the answer that my script is working as I wanted.

today or by tomorrow you all will receive update with fully compatible Tamil Unicode to the system.

I feel so much encouraged now. Thanks for your support.
I will take sick leave and try to finish it by today.

Krish KM



soo much appreciation from my lovely sisters ; ))) PLS: forgive our tamil we tried as much as we could ; )






Email and whats app..



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Windows does not start, Cannot install new windows, windows setup failure…

May 19, 2011 3 comments

Its been a while I have written new blogs. Have been busy with my final year project in Software Engineering. My project has been awarded with a Distinction but felt sad leaving my University and colleagues.


Lets move to the new story.

My uncle (oh yes we do have tones of uncles and aunties and their millions of kids as cousins) called me and said his laptop is broken and if I could have a look.

I asked him what happened?

uncle: Don’t know suddenly not working. The laptop had vista, we tried to install Win7 but we couldn’t, tried to install vista again and vista also wont install.

Me: Mhh strange! Any error messages?

uncle: You know? the set-up screen? even it doesn’t come up, I cant install any operating system.

Me: Any recent hardware changes?

Uncle: yes, we thought its the HDD so we  tried to change the HDD but it still remains the same!, Even we tried to change the RAM still same..

Me : Mhh ok bring the lap and leave it on my desk I will have a look. I went to work.


23:00 clock I came from work tired and saw a Toshiba Satellite Laptop on my desk with a note on the top : “Not working”

I wanted to check the pc before taking dinner (yes late dinner but I’m slim though Smile with tongue out). Switched the lap on and inserted Win7 Disk and wanted to install windows.

Checksum Error : The file checksum ……….. is not matching……. … error!!! bangggg


Never seen such an Error while trying to install an operating system. I was curious and forgot to take my delicious dinner which mom have left on my desk.


Quickly restarted the pc inserted a Windows live cd  and wanted to give a start. It was CD was loading bud frozen after couple of seconds. Mhhh strange!!! some serious problem!!

I was more curious….

Inserted a Linux cd and wanted to see.. CD loading.. boot strap… ERROR NO SPACE

Woaa!! no space?? some thing wrong with HDD?


My brain quickly analysed next steps I shall take instead of wasting time it was almost 23:45

wanted to give a last try with an old operating system “WINDOWS 98”

Inserted win98 cd…

start from cd..

drivers are loaded… ( i was happy, little hope it’s working)

setup started..

scanning progress..

Scandisk … stopped with error “unable… to bla bla bla”

setup aborted as it cannot continue without scandisk.


one more last chance???

inserted my USB live windows.. and wanted to give a try..

that DAMN Laptop did not want to start any of my source….


At least it accepted win98 and booted until the dos mode.. so one more last hope to do something..

windows 98 cd

start from cd

dos mode..

changed to A:\


wanted to reformat the HDD ( it had 40gb hdd)

old FDISK command is bad at formatting large HDD’s (above 2gb)

I wiped the full disk.. 

Tried again with usb windows to install..


DAMN…… what the hell??? I cant install anything…


lied on the bed for couple of minutes! and refigured what could be the issue…


I totally forgot I had another USB with Hiren boot cd which I use for most of my repair actions!


Jumped from the bed inserted HIREN BOOT USB and loaded the main menu..

HDD scan… no fault!

Memory scan : right side 8 bits of 16 are marked red!

wow.. some new progress…


Restarted the Memory diagnose, right side 8 bits were marked bad and left side was ok!!


I was wondering why BIOS didn’t throw any beeps if memory was faulty.


Quickly I’ve checked the memory is not faulty physically its logically corrupted… (assume so)


Just triggered that my sister also has Toshiba laptop.

YES!!! I sniffed to her room (It was 1:30 am) and stole her Toshiba laptop..

Quickly changed the RAM to the uncles laptop…


started the laptop, inserted win7 cd… and setup was running voila!!! What a mess!!


I remembered my uncle said he also replaced the RAM. Did he really replaced? or just changed the RAM from Socket A to Socket B?


Anyhow, replacing the RAM fixed the bug and I was able to install Vista on the laptop..


Usually people (even me) think If BIOS does not give any unusual beep’s that everything is fine also the RAM.

Never it comes to the mind to diagnose the RAM in such situation where the actual problem is the RAM it self.

Reason the ram is corrupted but not physically, otherwise BIOS would have notified!!

Solution: RAM changed.


PS: Operation finished at 5:00 AM… 6:00 I have to prepare, 7:00 AM have to leave home for work.. my dinner shall be my breakfast Smile)))))


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Blogger Labels: Windows checksum error,Memory diagnose,Cannot install windows,Cannot start,Windows,Software,Distinction,Lets,Uncle,Toshiba,Satellite,Laptop,Disk,Checksum,Error,Mhhh,Linux,SPACE,Woaa,Scandisk,DAMN,FDISK,Hiren,BOOT,Memory,BIOS,Just,Socket,Vista,Reason,Solution,does,start,install,setup,project,uncles,said,could,look,again,strange,cant,system,change,same,desk,work,from,dinner,curious,forgot,take,left,live,give,couple,some,problem,hope,mode,scan,side,bits

Real VNC 4 is not accessible by other v 3.3 Clients.

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I use my desktop much from outside than console. From UNI, workplace and mobile. Most of the time I’m not at home but using my home desktop through remote applications such as remote desktop, real vnc but NOT Teamviewer Winking smile

As most of my fans know, I don’t use Teamviewer as TV has its own master server {they call it “Keep alive server”} and everything is passing their server and I don’t like my details are passing their servers for nothing…

In my opinion VNC is best solution is for remote accessing application as the software is thin and able to do same stuffs as most other remote applications.

I used to use “real vnc viewer” to access my pc. Once I was at my cousins collage and want to connect my desktop to download some question papers for him.

The collage has restricted“vnc viewer” as well as Teamviewer and remote desktop from using. Mhh what to do now?? I wanted to connect to the pc. I was searching for an alternative way to bypass the collage file accessing security policy!!

The collage it self had real vnc installed on the teachers computer. So something in my mind said there should be an alternative way to connect through VNC. I went to google using my phone and searched for custom made VNC viewers{with a small hope that the collage admin didn’t block other vnc viewer; )}. I found ultra VNC and tight VNC for download.

I opened the tight vnc viewer it was opening.. VOILA!!

now i was hoping they didn’t block port 5000 {I was pretty sure they didn’t cos they also had VNC}

I typed my server domain and clicked “connect”………………………. 😦 ErrMsg: server refused connection with code 10060 / 61


MY bad luck both viewers refused to connect to my Desktop as I had Real VNC version 4.x and the viewers using 3.3 protocol.

It was clear to me that VNC with different clients will work when I configure my server properly and I cant connect to my desktop through VNC before I configure my server to accept 3.3 protocol based clients.


I have rooted SE XPERIA X10 with an application to share mobile internet to the computer. secretly I connected the mobile to the computer and opened portable Teamviewer soO sad “Teamviewer is not accessible by windows” the file accessing policy didn’t allow me to use Teamviewer.

For a second I had enough of the local policies and the administrative blocks. I thought  boot the computer with my own USB windows to by pass everything. 

didn’t want to mess around with the admin just left the collage with furiousness. I came home and tried to setup the VNC console to accept v 3.3 viewers request. I was struggling as there are no straight way to setup the process. I wanted to know why its not allowing to connect 3.3 viewers even though I have imported 3.3 settings in my Real VNC console.

It was almost 4:00 AM I did not want to gave up. My laptop CPU fan increased the cooling sound continuously. probably it also had enough with my madness Winking smile.

after couple of hours I figured out how it works and how to set up and..

Here is the way how to configure your real vnc to accept request from 3.3 protocol.

Before we continue please note that:

REAL VNC v4 has its own encryption and protocol which is only functional with real vnc viewer.


Real VNC allows importing the 3.3 version protocol but some steps has to be done before it works with 3.3 viewers.

If you already have installed real vnc viewer and used once using real vnc viewer. You probably generated the encryption key for the server


To enable the 3.3 clients:

1.       Go to server console Options

2.       Change the tag to “Legacy”

3.       Import the “VNC 3.3 settings ”

4.       Change the tab to “Security”

5.       Check the option “VNC Password Authentication”

6.       Click the button “Configure”

7.       Don’t type any password but click the button “Extend the configuration”"

a.       You will see another password window

8.       Check the option “Enable Admin”

9.       Click the button “Set password”

10.   Type your password, close the password with “OK button”

11.   Now close the password box.

a.       Don’t type any password in this box

VNC server might raise an error no password is configured and it will show the window to enter the password. Type the same password as your admin one.

Finally you need to GENERATE NEW KEY and press “Generate Key”

Now you are good to go..

Open you laptop and try to connect via 3.3 clients you should be able to connect..

NOTE: IF you are changing the server via remote and you have an active v 4.0 vnc connection. You wont be able to connect to via 3.3 until you close the v 4.0 connection.

best way you do it locally or use Teamviewer to connect to the server and generate the key.

Some time the clients might raise error “Not configured 3.3 security system bla bla..”

In this case you need to

disable the authentication, generate key, again vnc password authentication, again extended configuration, again admin password, than close, close.. {if its asks for password jst type the same admin pw}


Generate the new key with new password

3.3 clients will not ask for username, if any asks for username enter admin.

real vnc viewer will ask for the username. type Admin.

You should be able to connect now….

now I’m able to connect to my desktop using 3.3 clients as well as v4 clients Winking smile

and thank you for reading my blog.

Questions and comments are welcome Winking smile


PS: there might be spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes just ignore them while reading Winking smile


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