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Real VNC 4 is not accessible by other v 3.3 Clients.

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I use my desktop much from outside than console. From UNI, workplace and mobile. Most of the time I’m not at home but using my home desktop through remote applications such as remote desktop, real vnc but NOT Teamviewer Winking smile

As most of my fans know, I don’t use Teamviewer as TV has its own master server {they call it “Keep alive server”} and everything is passing their server and I don’t like my details are passing their servers for nothing…

In my opinion VNC is best solution is for remote accessing application as the software is thin and able to do same stuffs as most other remote applications.

I used to use “real vnc viewer” to access my pc. Once I was at my cousins collage and want to connect my desktop to download some question papers for him.

The collage has restricted“vnc viewer” as well as Teamviewer and remote desktop from using. Mhh what to do now?? I wanted to connect to the pc. I was searching for an alternative way to bypass the collage file accessing security policy!!

The collage it self had real vnc installed on the teachers computer. So something in my mind said there should be an alternative way to connect through VNC. I went to google using my phone and searched for custom made VNC viewers{with a small hope that the collage admin didn’t block other vnc viewer; )}. I found ultra VNC and tight VNC for download.

I opened the tight vnc viewer it was opening.. VOILA!!

now i was hoping they didn’t block port 5000 {I was pretty sure they didn’t cos they also had VNC}

I typed my server domain and clicked “connect”………………………. 😦 ErrMsg: server refused connection with code 10060 / 61


MY bad luck both viewers refused to connect to my Desktop as I had Real VNC version 4.x and the viewers using 3.3 protocol.

It was clear to me that VNC with different clients will work when I configure my server properly and I cant connect to my desktop through VNC before I configure my server to accept 3.3 protocol based clients.


I have rooted SE XPERIA X10 with an application to share mobile internet to the computer. secretly I connected the mobile to the computer and opened portable Teamviewer soO sad “Teamviewer is not accessible by windows” the file accessing policy didn’t allow me to use Teamviewer.

For a second I had enough of the local policies and the administrative blocks. I thought  boot the computer with my own USB windows to by pass everything. 

didn’t want to mess around with the admin just left the collage with furiousness. I came home and tried to setup the VNC console to accept v 3.3 viewers request. I was struggling as there are no straight way to setup the process. I wanted to know why its not allowing to connect 3.3 viewers even though I have imported 3.3 settings in my Real VNC console.

It was almost 4:00 AM I did not want to gave up. My laptop CPU fan increased the cooling sound continuously. probably it also had enough with my madness Winking smile.

after couple of hours I figured out how it works and how to set up and..

Here is the way how to configure your real vnc to accept request from 3.3 protocol.

Before we continue please note that:

REAL VNC v4 has its own encryption and protocol which is only functional with real vnc viewer.


Real VNC allows importing the 3.3 version protocol but some steps has to be done before it works with 3.3 viewers.

If you already have installed real vnc viewer and used once using real vnc viewer. You probably generated the encryption key for the server


To enable the 3.3 clients:

1.       Go to server console Options

2.       Change the tag to “Legacy”

3.       Import the “VNC 3.3 settings ”

4.       Change the tab to “Security”

5.       Check the option “VNC Password Authentication”

6.       Click the button “Configure”

7.       Don’t type any password but click the button “Extend the configuration”"

a.       You will see another password window

8.       Check the option “Enable Admin”

9.       Click the button “Set password”

10.   Type your password, close the password with “OK button”

11.   Now close the password box.

a.       Don’t type any password in this box

VNC server might raise an error no password is configured and it will show the window to enter the password. Type the same password as your admin one.

Finally you need to GENERATE NEW KEY and press “Generate Key”

Now you are good to go..

Open you laptop and try to connect via 3.3 clients you should be able to connect..

NOTE: IF you are changing the server via remote and you have an active v 4.0 vnc connection. You wont be able to connect to via 3.3 until you close the v 4.0 connection.

best way you do it locally or use Teamviewer to connect to the server and generate the key.

Some time the clients might raise error “Not configured 3.3 security system bla bla..”

In this case you need to

disable the authentication, generate key, again vnc password authentication, again extended configuration, again admin password, than close, close.. {if its asks for password jst type the same admin pw}


Generate the new key with new password

3.3 clients will not ask for username, if any asks for username enter admin.

real vnc viewer will ask for the username. type Admin.

You should be able to connect now….

now I’m able to connect to my desktop using 3.3 clients as well as v4 clients Winking smile

and thank you for reading my blog.

Questions and comments are welcome Winking smile


PS: there might be spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes just ignore them while reading Winking smile


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